Green and Reap Initiative (GARI)

We creatively encourage entrepreneurship with the aim of achieving environmental sustainability.

About us

Green and Reap Initiative (GARI) is a non-governmental organization that creatively encourages entrepreneurship with the aim of achieving environmental sustainability. We are a generation of green entrepreneurs that makes sense from nonsense, ruby from rubbish, cash from trash, and wealth from waste.

GARI was born out of the passion to advocate and sensitize people on the need to save the environment. We have the ideology that “we have not inherited the planet from our parents to destroy it, but we have borrowed it from future generations”. We therefore must be accountable for the way we handle our environment.

Our approach to achieving environmental sustainability is by promoting the possibilities of making a living from being an environmentalist. People respond to an ideology when they have something to gain, hence we promote not just the ecological values but also the economic values of a green environment.

Our Vision

Raise a generation of green entrepreneurs who would make a living from being environmentalists.

Our mission

Creatively promote environmental sustainability through advocacy, training, products and services.

Our objectives


GARI Hub is an eco-inspired social service centre providing co-working spaces and a fully equipped mini-conference/seminar room in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The hub was set up with sustainability factored into every process of its furnishing, aesthetics and development.

GARI Hub provides personal and shared office spaces allowing individuals and businesses work in a calm and green ambience for personal and corporate uses. The mini event centre is open for sustainability themed gatherings and events, board meetings, workshops and seminars, online interviews or conferences, youtubers, vloggers and the likes.

We also organize trainings for environmental enthusiasts and community developers with the aim being to make environmental management and sustainable development more marketable by raising a generation of social entrepreneurs that will make a living (REAPing) from solving social and environmental problems (GREENing).

Personal Workspace

Your personal workspace is wherever you spend most of your time working. Wherever it is, it needs to facilitate quality and innovative thinking to up the ante of your works. GARI hub provides you with a unique and comfortable workspace solution, with a green interior where inspiration is never short in supply. You would want to make here your second home.


Office Space

GARI Hub provides ridiculously cheap office space packages! Need a proper office space as a startup, an entrepreneur, a sole proprietor, a small or medium scale business? Then, we have got you covered with the lowest charge office space rates you would find anywhere around, and we are even still open to some flexible negotiations…just to meet your corporate needs. Our office spaces have an impressive collection of sleek, modern, and professional facilities that you could claim to add some credibility to your business and give you higher bargaining power with your visiting clients. We’re waiting for you already, don’t stall!

Hall space

Our hall is equipped with a high definition 55″ Android TV, a camera with tripod for easy capturing and video-making, a speaker with tripod and microphones, 40 seats, adequate lighting and sustainable cooling systems. When you book our hall for any purpose, you have access to all of these for a very affordable price. We’re confident to say you won’t get it so cheap elsewhere. And even more amazingly, we are open to some more subtle and sublime negotiations just to meet your event needs, and to make you and your guests happy.