We are a Globally oriented organization in the fields of

Water Resources and Environmental Management

Our Services

At Aqua Planet

Water Resources

We provide water and waste water treatment solutions for homes, companies and municipals. Some of our solutions are indigenous but ingenious with global relevance.

Environmental Services

We offer environmental consultancy and services with best global practices and in compliance with states and/or federal regulations and guidelines as applicable.

Waste Management

We employ a waste to wealth ideology that brings out the sense in nonsense. We replace the regular/conventional waste disposal with waste upcycling and recycling.

Climate Solutions

We provide climate-smart advisory, renewable energy technology and other practical green solutions to communities and corporations to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our projects

Here’s what we do with good passion

#KogiFlood #LokojaFlood
Cosmetic projects: superficially attractive projects/programs, sharing money, sharing relief materials instead of being proactive. These are the kind of things the masses celebrate and also rate a government with. Hence the status quo.

Don't dare water!
Respect water, live with it, manage it very well.
Remember, the excess of much water can kill, the deficit of water can also kill!

©Adeodun S. A., 2022

How aware are people about the #FloodOutlook by @nihsa_ng?
Do we even care to #CARE about our #environment before buying lands investing in assets, and developing estates?
C - consult
A - assess
R - research
E - evaluate
©Adeodun S. A., 2022
#LokojaFlood #KogiFlood

Have you ever wondered why your Microfilter turns green?
Sunshine (light) > Photosynthesis!
The impurities in water become substrates (nutrients) for algae to boom. The wall of the Microfilter casing becomes a media to grow on.

Any solution?
Cc: @AquaPlanetNG

1. Wrap a black sack around the Microfilter casing
2. Replace the transparent casing with an opaque one.

NB: With the opaque one, you'll have to periodically open the casing to check if the filter candle is blocked or not.

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